Was Dr. Petiot a Virgo?
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Volker Doormann
2004-12-19 16:04:41 UTC
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:38:25 GMT
2 In 1979 Michel Gauquelin put an advertisement in Ici-Paris offering a
free horoscope. Recipients were asked to reply saying how accurate they
and their friends found the horoscope. Of the first 150 replies, 94%
percent said it was accurate as did 90% of their friends and family.
Unfortunately, they all got the same horoscope, that of Dr. Petiot, a
notorious mass murderer.
I think a true skeptic is very skeptic about this rumor from typical
skeptics called this rumor 'scientific' 'facts':

i.) It ist not true, that Monsieur Gauquelin has placed an
advertisement in 1979. True is, that he placed an annonce in the year
1968 on April 16th.

ii.) The truth is, that Monsieur Gauquelin has told, that 94% of the
replies give an positive answer to his first question: "Do you
recognize yourself in the posted psychological portrait? Do you
recognize any of that of your personal problems?". Gauquelin wrote:"
90% have stated, that the portrait was
very true and it describes their personal problems well, while for 80%
this favorable judgement was shared by the family or friends." So this
means, that there is a 'skeptical shift' of +10%.

iii.) That, what all the people got, was a free computer-horoscope
from 1968 without an ascendant interpretation.

iv.) Monsieur Gauquelin has cited out of this horoscope in is book: M.
Gauquelin, Dreams and Illusions of Astrology (Prometheus, NY, 1979):
" It says: 'He is a Virgo, instinctive warmth is allied with intellect
and wit ... He is endowed with a moral sense which is comforting -
that of a worthy, right-thinking citizen ... [whose] life finds
expression in total devotion to others ...' ". But Dr. Marcel Petiot,
mayor and youngest municiple council was born on 1897 January 17th.
03h00m Paris T. Auxerre/F, and was a Capricorn for sure. (!)

iv.) André Barbault wrote in his book, Connaissance de l'astrologie
(Seuil 1975), in Cap. 1: "le texte de l'horoscope du Dr Petiot,
tronqué. (1) [1. Par exemple, le document original signalait que le
destin de Petiot pouvait être façonné par une ou plusieurs morts, et
que « celles-ci joueraient un rôle important dans son existence »...
Ce qui, - tout de même – aurait pu être mentionné dans le texte des
conclusions de fin d'enquête.] Conclusion de cette opération «
sociologique » : la grande majorité des gens s' étaient reconnus dans
le portrait du célèbre criminel... La belle victoire !" This means,
that Monsieur Barbault claims, that Monsieur Gauquelin has truncated
an important part from the computer horoscope, in that is spoken
about, that the death of one or many people can determ the fate and
his existance.

v.) Gauquelin himself has stated in his book: "We reproduced the
psychological profile and the yearly rhythm of this horoscope without
changing so much as a comma".

"The typical skeptic is skeptical of the paranormal, other people, and
is not skeptical of skepticism. The true skeptic is skeptical of the
normal, himself, and of skepticism. " (Deborah Frisch)

I think, there are a lot of typical skeptics believing only in that,
what is matching with their religion 'Skepticism'.

What is the scientific worth of the upper skeptic claim, holding up
the 'Gauquelin psychological horoscope experiment' again and again and
again like a gospel?


Bob Officer
2004-12-19 20:10:58 UTC
On 19 Dec 2004 08:04:41 -0800, in alt.astrology,
Post by Volker Doormann
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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:38:25 GMT
Digging up old stuff?

<snip to the heart of the matter>
Post by Volker Doormann
What is the scientific worth of the upper skeptic claim, holding up
the 'Gauquelin psychological horoscope experiment' again and again and
again like a gospel?
When Astrology is generic in its reading it applies to most everyone.

When Astrology tries to be specific, it fails.

It isn't gospel, it is a demonstrated fact.
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